Sobriquet 53.1

I spent a good chunk of time this evening plucking relevant critical quotations from my master file as part of my preparatory scheme. While it's not the most mentally-intensive part of dissertation-writing, I found that I began reflecting on the chapter, thinking about how everything fits in with everything else and, essentially, began planning some of the next section. I did hit a particularly heavy period of anxiety when, for a moment, the whole chapter seemed too big, too sprawling for me to handle. But, happily, I worked my way through that bit of tension, reanalyzed my outline, and ended up concluding that I have a pretty solid roadmap as it is. Granted, there are still some variables that I will need to address but, largely, I am going to stick with the format I came up with in February.

For tomorrow: Do a bit more planning.


From Minxy:

Yay for telling your anxiety who's boss!! I have trouble with that myself from time to time. Also, Yay for sticking to your previously laid-out plan...because the first instinct is usually the right one. :)

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