Sobriquet 53.11

I would have posted something last night but was unable to do so because of a rather perplexing software issue. Right now, it seems I might be able to publish a post or two, but there may be some glitches.

At any rate, I did get some writing done today, trudging a tiny bit closer to an end that still seems quite a distance away.

Yesterday, owing in large part to a particularly long day at work, I only read a brief review of Elizabeth Costello. In "The Rest is Silence," The Guardian's Hermione Lee gives a brief synopsis of each "Lesson" in Coetzee's text, ultimately concluding that, "[j]udging by this difficult and unforgiving book," Coetzee is a better novelist than essayist.

For tomorrow: Read, plan or write.

Work Cited

Lee, Hermione. "The Rest is Silence." Rev. of Disgrace, by J. M. Coetzee. The Guardian 30 Aug. 2003. Available online.


From Minxy:

YAY for getting some writing done! I'm always happy to hear, er, read that you've written because I know it makes you feel better when you have. YAY! :)

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