Sobriquet 53.6

Although I initially doubted that I would get any writing done today, my Saturday was a pleasingly productive one. Somehow, I managed to wake up considerably earlier than I had planned and, rather than return to bed (as I often luxuriate in doing), I decided to try to get a bit of work done instead. Of course, I suspect that, had I not made plans for the afternoon, I wouldn't have been nearly as diligent as I ended up being. Basically, when I realized that I had enough time to get some writing done if I started early, I figured I'd have a much better time socializing later in the day if I managed to get my work done sooner. That way I'd prevent myself from feeling the strain of having work ahead of me. And I ended up writing some decent stuff. And then I had a great afternoon. And now I feel more confident and refreshed work-wise than I have in quite some time. I'm pleased.

For tomorrow: Try to write a bit more.


From Minxy:

Sorry for the late comment today...holidays tend to be lazy, then hectic, then back to lazy. I'm glad you got work done AND had fun yesterday. Fun is good. YAY!!!

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