Sobriquet 53.5

You know that cartoon cliche where a snowball rolls down a hillside, gaining mass as it picks up momentum? It sorta looks like this:

Well, writing a dissertation chapter makes me think of a slightly altered version of the same image, where the tiny snowball starts at the bottom of the hill:

The only problem is that, with gravity pulling the increasingly heavy snowball in the opposite direction, the force required to continue pushing it up the hill becomes greater and greater. And this is the problem I have been having lately. The deeper I get into the Disgrace chapter, the heavier the burden and the more energy I seem to need to carry what I have already written to the end of the section. Ugh.

At any rate, I finished up the little bit of pre-writing I had hoped to take care of today, so I am at least a tiny bit pleased with myself.

For tomorrow: Since I have a headache and because I will be spending time with a friend, I do not know how realistic it will be for me to get any writing done tomorrow. That's still the preferred objective, but reading a bit for the next chapter might be more reasonable.


From Minxy:

You know, I love it when you post pictures and drawings. Sure, today's illustrates your frustration with the chapter, but there's just something about having a graphic in a post that is pleasing to me. That is all. :)

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