Sobriquet 39.2

Not a whole lot to report today. I did manage to write a few more pages about Age of Iron and, as is so often the case, I am not wholly satisfied with what I've written. In any case, I am perhaps a day or two away from finishing the section on the novel and then I have to decide whether or not to send it on over to my supervisor...I worry because I do not want to hear "Well, it's good, but you need to do X-Y-Z for it to work." I suppose, though, that if there is any work to be done, it would be best to hear of it now while the material is still fresh in my mind...Ugh. This is, of course, what writing a dissertation is...a process, but, man, I just want it to be done and for my work thus far to have amounted to something...and I fear that may not be the case.

For tomorrow: Write a bit more or read an article.


minxy said…
I'm sure what you've written so far is fine...probably only minor tweaking will be required. I know I haven't read all of it, but I'm confident that you're doing much better than you say you are. Give yourself more credit, dude. :)

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