Sobriquet 39.18

I'm finding that this whole twenty pages per night thing is really working well for me. I mean, it's only a small amount of reading, but I do spend less time fretting about the number of pages I need to get through than I do when I aim for five times that amount. Of course, Aesop's tortoise taught me this lesson long ago, but it wasn't until I applied the slow-but-steady approach to William Gaddis's JR that such an approach started making sense to me. And I find it helps me retain more of a book when I read it slowly, spending a longer time immersed in the fictional world (I actually felt a sense of loss when I closed the back cover on JR Vansant's final words).

I ordered copies of Dusklands and In the Heart of the Country as well as Doubling the Point a few days ago, though I doubt I will devote much space in the dissertation to Coetzee's pre-1990 fiction. I do, however, want to read the novels I have not yet read just to be ensure my reading of the author is as comprehensive as I feel it should be.

For tomorrow: Keep reading.


minxy said…
Hehehe...tortoise...I like that word. Anyhoo, I'm happy that your approach is working so nicely. I'm also glad you have books coming to you. Books are good, mmmkay. :)

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