Sobiquet 39.3

I took it easy today, but I did read an old review of The Master of Petersburg from the New York Times. I wasn't expecting much from the review, truth be told; I read it primarily to feel as if I'd gotten some work done today. Oddly, though, it proved to be remarkably useful, providing a good deal of insight into both The Master of Petersburg and Age of Iron. As it turns out, the small section of the essay devoted to the earlier novel actually fits perfectly into what I am doing right now as I try to wrap up the section on Age of Iron.

For tomorrow: Read another article or two or write a bit more.


minxy said…
Yay for almost finishing the first section. I'm really happy for and proud of you. You've been working really hard on this and you keep creating more tangible evidence of your work. YAY!!!!!!!! :)

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