Sobriquet 39.27

I finished reading "The Vietnam Project" today. The final third of the novella, while still dense, flowed much more quickly than the first two-thirds. I do not want to give anything away to potential readers, so I will not discuss the plot at any great length. I will, however, say that Eugene Dawn's narrative stands beside those of Bob Slocum, Humbert Humbert, and Ferdinand Clegg as one of the more disturbing confessional narratives in late-middle-twentieth century literature.

And yes, I did get some more transcription done.

For tomorrow: Begin reading "The Narrative of Jacobus Coetzee" and transcribe some more.


minxy said…
Ooh..."disturbing confessional narratives"...intriguing. Now I kind of want to read it (well, more than I did yesterday when I said I was interested).

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