Sobriquet 39.7

Despite the fact that the only dissertation work I set aside for myself today was to transcribe notes, I actually do have quite a bit to write about the project, including reporting on a few major developments. Unfortunately, I have to go to bed. I will, however, plan on writing a bit about today's news sometime this weekend when I have a bit more time to devote to introspection and blogging.

I am keeping my workload very light for the time being, largely because I want to see what my supervisor thinks of what I sent her before I dive headlong into the next section. Plus, I have been spending a good chunk of time grading student papers, a task that I find both tiring and time-consuming. Still, despite the relatively small amount of time I am spending on my dissertation, I would like to continue doing a tiny bit of work each day until I see what my supervisor says, if only to maintain some sense of progress. There's a good chance that I will decide to (re-)read a few of Coetzee's novels, but I cannot determine which one(s) and when before I hear from my adviser. Until I learn the dreaded verdict on the Age of Iron section, though, I will hold off on scheduling an actual, honest-to-goodness break. I think that knowing where I stand in terms of the quality of my work thus far will have more than a little bearing on how I feel about relaxation and we'll see.

For tomorrow: A bit more transcription. Or, if I am inspired to do so, read another essay on The Master of Petersburg.


minxy said…
I say take a break anyway...even before you hear back from your advisor. It'll be good for you. :)

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