Sobriquet 40.11

There's not a whole lot for me to report on today. I've read most of what I'd set aside for today and plan on reading a few more pages of In the Heart of the Country this evening before calling it a night. As has been the case so often lately, I found myself putting off the little bit of work I'd planned on getting through until evening. This, perhaps not surprisingly, hasn't been a huge problem--if one chooses to regard it as a problem at all--but such a tendency can have some unexpected consequences. For me, it is rather difficult to enjoy myself if I have left work unfinished, so the more time I spend procrastinating, the less free time I have at the end of the day, the time when I would most enjoy a period of relaxation during which I could entertain myself without the weight of work bearing down on me. Thus, I rarely enjoy procrastinating because the internal pressure I feel to address whatever task I have laid out for myself crowds out the pleasure I might otherwise get out of doing something fun.

Still, despite the nagging pressure to get more reading done, I watched and enjoyed the season debut of South Park (and, okay, a documentary on the National Geographic Channel and maybe a little bit about Eliot Spitzer's resignation) this evening.

Otherwise, my mood today has been consistent with the slightly heightened sense of anxiety I generally feel when starting a new project. As usual, I have been swatting away the pesky doubts swarming around my mind, trying to dampen the bombilation...I'll let you know how that goes.

For tomorrow: Keep rereading the criticism on The Master of Petersburg and try to get through a bit more of In the Heart of the Country.


minxy said…
Ah, good ole anxiety. Yeah, I hate it, too. At least you're getting your tasks done the day you intend to do them...I have a terrible tendency to let procrastination/anxiety/whatever allow me to put things off 'til the next day or the day after that, etc. Don't be like me. :-P

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