Sobriquet 40.13

Since I am pretty exhausted tonight and because I still have a bit of reading I'd like to finish before bed, I am going to keep this entry extremely brief. Happily, I am just about done with the re/reading of critical essays on The Master of Petersburg (I actually found a few I'd not read), so I will be moving on to the final stages of preparation for the chapter soon.

I will probably have more to say another day when I'm not as sleepy as I am at the moment.

For tomorrow: Finish up reviewing the critical writing on The Master of Petersburg and keep reading In the Heart of the Country.


minxy said…
Illness apparently makes me absent-minded...I forgot to comment yesterday. Or I'm just getting forgetful in my old age. Anyhoo, I'm here now.

You found extra articles you'd not seen before? Did they yield useful tidbits of information, or were they fairly useless?

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