Sobriquet 40.18

Well, I finished the last load of transcription I'd set out for myself and will be moving on to a bit of pre-writing for the next chapter. I have never enjoyed reviewing and planning, arranging notes and plotting outlines, but such preparations are a necessary evil and a measure of progress, so I really shouldn't complain. Still, I sorta dread the tedium.

Other than pre-writing, I hope to start re-reading Waiting for the Barbarians, a novel I first read as a Master's student some six years ago. I recall liking the novel--and I particularly enjoyed reading about the Magistrate's fascination with the Void--but I do not remember it all that well, so I think a thorough re-reading will be good for me. At any rate, it will be a more enjoyable type of work than some of the other tasks I will have set out for myself.

For tomorrow: Review and reread.


minxy said…
It's good to hear that you're soon to be reading something you remember enjoying. It should make the pre-writing more bearable. You're doing well, though...don't forget that. :)

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