Sobriquet 40.25

Since today marks another day in a succession of similarly structured days, I haven't much new to report. As usual, I spent an hour or so reading Waiting for the Barbarians, taking notes, reflecting on what I might be able to say about the novel and devoted a bit of time to plotting out the next chapter. Although I have baulked at outlining and extensive prewriting in the past, I found the the skeletal outline I threw together in a fit of desperation while struggling to find my bearings on the last chapter really helped me out. I mean, if nothing else, an outline does provide one with a road map to his or her project and, reassuringly, contains what can often feel like a sprawling, uncontrollable, unmanageable mass in a page or two of black text on 8 1/2" x 11" paper.

At least that's what I tell myself.

As for the reading: I continue to marvel at the fact that I found Waiting for the Barbarians forgettable the first time I read it. I mean, for every "oh yeah, I remember that moment," there's another "how on earth did I forget that" moment...

For tomorrow: Since I have a good deal of grading I will be doing and since I have had to cancel plans to socialize with friends to finish that task, I do not have the highest of expectations for my own work. If anything, I'd like to do a teensy-weensy bit of prewriting and, maybe, squeeze in a couple more pages of Waiting for the Barbarians. If only to cultivate a sense of accomplishment, no matter how trivial it may be.


minxy said…
Damn grading getting in the way of having fun with friends. Cursed side-effect of being an educator!

I think it doesn't matter what you tell yourself about outlines, as long as whatever your inner monologue says works for you. And still I'm glad you're enjoying the reading you're currently doing. I'm sure it makes it feel much less like work when you like what you're reading.

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