Sobriquet 40.7

Since I stayed up much later this evening than I would have liked (for good reason, though: I was preparing to teach Ibsen's A Doll's House), I am going to keep this extremely brief. I reread Derek Attridge's essay on The Master of Petersburg and Derrida's arrivant and made some progress in In the Heart of the Country, which I am really enjoying so far. Coetzee's novel is set in what essentially amounts to a South African Yoknapatawpha and the Faulknarian feel of the text makes for an intriguing, if surreal, read.

For tomorrow: Reread another essay and/or continue reading In the Heart of the Country.

Note: Since I will be somewhat busier this weekend than usual, I may wait a day or two before I post another entry. If this happens to be the case, I will continue reading In the Heart of the Country and/or rereading criticism each day, post or no post.


minxy said…
Busy, busy, busy. You certainly did a lot of work yesterday...I'm proud of you. I don't know if I ever mentioned how much you impress me by working on your dissertation. It's quite a bit, actually. I'll elaborate another time. :)

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