Sobriquet 41.10

Well, since it is three-thirty in the morning and I am sitting in a library an hour's drive from my home, I will keep this extremely brief.

I finished rereading Disgrace today.

I spent more than twenty dollars photocopying essays on Disgrace this evening.

I'm not even halfway done getting the articles.


For tomorrow: Dissertate.


From Minxy:

Wow...that's a lot of money to spend on photocopying. Actually, it's insane. You're going to be doing a hell of a lot more reading for that book than any of the others, aren't you? Good luck, my friend.
From the Literary Chica:

Sounds like a day (night?) in the life of a grad student. Don't lose hope!

On another note: I am not looking forward to those late nights printing article after article at the library.


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