Sobriquet 41.22

Today was a cross between working a lot (i.e. my epic six-hour Saturday class) and slacking off (a.k.a. playing around on the computer, surfing the internet and playing Civilization). In between the gainful employment and the fun, I did manage to read some more of Life & Times of Michael K, which is increasingly becoming one of my favorite Coetzee novels. It took me a while to get into the book -- like fifty or sixty pages -- but once it got going, I was swept up in the "Kafka meets Beckett in war-torn South Africa" feel of the narrative and have not wanted to put it down even when my eyelids drooped on me.

So, it was a light-heavy day today and I'm not complaining.

For tomorrow: Dissertate (which, after some reflection, I have decided does indeed sound better than "tate the disser," in case you were wondering).


From Minxy:

I really like hearing when you've had a good day. :)

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