Sobriquet 41.25

One of the things I hate most about working on my dissertation is how long it takes me to get started writing on certain days. Today was one of those days.

I sat in front of the computer eager to do anything other than write about J. M. Coetzee. Despite having a surprisingly large number of things to say about the topic, I sometimes find myself struggling to begin (or, perhaps more accurately, resume) writing, which can be frustrating.

But I pushed my way through the block, wrote a page I was not satisfied with, revised the page, and ended up doubling the amount I thought I would get done. So it wasn't all bad. Just frustrating.

For tomorrow: Read an article or continue with Life & Times of Michael K.


From Minxy:

Yay! You got more done than planned and that's always a good thing. :) WooHoo! Sorry for the crazy excitement so early in the morning...sometimes I get a wee energy burst. :)

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