Sobriquet 41.15

Well, since it has been a long day for me today, I won't write too, too much. I did read the article I set aside for myself and, unlike the one I read yesterday, I found it made a good deal of sense and was easy to read. Although I don't have the energy to discuss the essay at the moment, I will say that Sue Kossew is easily one of the most readable Coetzee scholars out there. Had I not spent the bulk of my evening at the local drive-in movie theater, I would probably write quite a bit more than this, but while Drillbit Taylor was surprisingly enjoyable, I had to shut my brain off (figuratively speaking, mind you) for the day after watching about three minutes of the second half of the double feature, a predictably inane flick called Superhero Movie. While both films were formulaic, strong performances by Owen Wilson and his supporting cast made Drillbit more that watchable. The latter film, however, sought to combine the campy atmosphere of the Naked Gun series with the lowbrow satire of the Scary Movie/Not Another Teenage Movie franchises, failing miserably at the first, and "succeeding," if one can call it that, at the second. Still, for the opportunity to experience an increasingly rare bit of Americana, even Superhero Movie was worth the time. Barely.

For tomorrow: Write. Read an article or a bit of Life & Times of Michael K., if possible.


From Minxy:

Drillbit was pretty good...I was surprised, too. Much fun was had, my friend. Good luck working today. You'll do lots, I know!!! :)

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