Sobriquet 41.23

Okay, so I wake up today and kinda-sorta have a hankering to play Civilization again. Not surprisingly, I also woke up not particularly keen to work on my dissertation. Oh, and the battle of Erik versus Erik began.

The cool part about fighting with yourself, I find, is that you always win, even when you lose. This is how it unfolded:

1. the part of me that felt impelled to write (Part A) beat the part of me that wanted to procrastinate by playing Civ (Part B).

2. Part A wrote a good chunk of the chapter on The Master of Petersburg.

3. Part A called up Part B (metaphorically speaking, of course; Part A has no phone) to see if Part B wanted to hang out.

4. Part B, addicted to the aforementioned computer game, said "only if we play Civ, you dissertation-writing jackass."

5. Part A said: "Deal."

6. I played Civilization and racked up my best score ever.

Neat, huh?

For tomorrow: Read another critical article on Disgrace; read Life & Times of Michael K, if I have the time.


From Minxy:

I think that's the funniest post you've written so far. I especially like how you called yourself up to hang out...brilliant. :)

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