Sobriquet 47.13

There's a distinct possibility that I have been bitten by a tsetse fly. I say this because, without human African trypanosomiasis as a scapegoat, there's no reason I should have slept as much as I did today. Lacking an epidemiological explanation, all I can say is that I overslept. A lot. I mean, I woke up fairly late, having slept soundly all night. I even got out of bed and prepared breakfast. I ate lunch, too. And watched the New York Jets beat up my lowly Cincinnati Bengals. But then, as I began thinking about working on the dissertation, a little voice in my head began listing the virtues of the siesta for me. The list must have been long because, before it ended, I was fast asleep.

So, having only had a few hours of late evening and early morning at my disposal, I have not yet completed my reading for today. I will, however, finish it before bed and try to discuss it a bit one the next few days (along with the pile of essays I still haven't gotten around to mentioning).

For tomorrow: For the hundred-and-somethingth time, read another essay.


From Minxy:

Maybe you just needed a lot of sleep yesterday. If given the opportunity, I would've slept a good portion of yesterday, too. My cold, while getting better, is still draining me of 75% of my energy. BOO to colds, YAY to sleep!

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