Sobriquet 47.31

Technically, it's Hallowe'en . . and I'm still not quite done reading the criticism on Disgrace that I'd hoped to have finished by the end of August . . . The good news is that I only have three more essays to read before I can begin the long prewriting phase of this chapter. Three! Seriously, I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to see an end to this long process. Honestly, I never thought I'd be spending anywhere near as much time as I have reading criticism on a novel published less than a decade ago.

Anyway, today's reading was a brief discussion of two recent books by Derek Attridge, one of which deals with Coetzee. Although there is relatively little in the review to interest Coetzee scholars, Christine Boheemen-Saaf does do a nice job of establishing the importance of Derek Attridge's body of criticism (including his work on Coetzee) to students of contemporary global literature.

For tomorrow: Read or prewrite.

Work Cited

Boheemen-Saaf, Christine. "After Effects." James Joyce Broadsheet 75 (2006): 1.


From Minxy:

Almost done is better than nowhere near done. And I don't think pre-writing will take as long as you think...I think you'll be writing the chapter before Thanksgiving. YAY turkey! Sorry...I have a deep and occasionally random love for Thanksgiving.

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