Sobriquet 47.8

Today's been another of those days where I wake up relatively early, feel extremely tired from the long hours I'd worked the day before, decide to sleep off the clinging fatigue, wake up with the intention to read the day's article before evening, begin reading the article, and find I am unable to focus.

Oh, I've read about half the essay for the day, but it's past one in the morning and I am going to have to use it as bedtime reading, putting off completing A Canticle for Liebowitz or Man in the Dark for another night, dagnabit. I'll finish it, though.

For tomorrow: More of the same.


From Minxy:

Maybe it's the changing weather that's making you want to not read. I do that when the weather starts getting cold and takes awhile to adjust because I just want to go into hibernation mode. Maybe that's what you're dealing with. :)

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