Sobriquet 47.28

Well, it's been a busy day. It's not always been easy for me to balance my own work, preparations for my classes, exercise, and chores. Often, I end up emphasizing one quite a bit more than the others. I did a fairly effective job of balancing stuff today, though, reading a good chunk of material for lectures this week while remembering to get out and hoof it for a few miles. And I will read a bit more of The Rights of Desire before officially calling it a night.

The problem, of course, is that my laundry and dishes have piled up a bit higher than I would have liked . . .

For tomorrow: Read or prewrite.


From Minxy:

Balance is important, and you seem to be doing well with it lately. Worry not about the laundry and dishes...they're never-ending battles anyway and pushing it to another day isn't going to make much difference. Unless, of course, you're out of forks...or underwear...then you kind of have to work on it. :P

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