Sobriquet 48.16

Although I spent much of the past couple of days taking care of the various chores I had been neglecting over the past few days, weeks and, in some cases, months, I have continued working on the dissertation each day. Yesterday, I made a bit of progress in my transcription work and I read a bit more of The Rights of Desire on Sunday. Unfortunately, it is that time of the semester . . . and finding the time and the energy I need to get much done has become considerably more difficult than I would have anticipated. I do think the bleak gloom of another Southern Tier autumn and winter has begun taking its toll on me and, emotionally, I lack a bit of the spark that was so present in the sunnier, happier summer months. Still, this is nothing new. But I am perhaps looking forward to a respite with more intensity than I would care to admit.

For today, tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday: Read The Rights of Desire or transcribe.


Anonymous said…

about a week ago I sent you an e-mail requesting an article (by Douthwaite) you mentioned in one of your blogposts for my own MA-thesis, since I could not find it in libraries in my own country or online. Unfortunately (but understandably) you were not able to provide the article.
However, after an extensive search I managed to get a hold of a copy of the article after all.

I have scanned all the 'Work Cited' sections of your blogposts (but haven't read the posts themselves, sorry) for interesting/relevant articles.

Thanks to you I found two inspiring, original and thought-provoking articles (which is rare for academic writing, in my humble opinion) by Douthwaite plus a great article by Walz.

For this I would like to thank you,
without you I simply would not have come across these articles.

Good luck with writing your dissertation.
Well, I am glad that I have been helpful in some little way! Thanks for reading and thank you for your kind words!
From Minxy:

It's ok if you're not able to do as much now as you could, say, earlier this semester...there's much grading to do. Try not to get discouraged if you can't get as much dissertation work done...every little bit helps and it will get done. :)

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