Sobriquet 50.1

Since I spent several hours working on non-dissertation academic work today, I found that I had somewhat less energy to work with than I normally do when transcribing, so I only got about a third my usual amount of work done this evening. Not that I am complaining. I have known for quite some time that there is only so much brain work I can comfortably complete in a given day and if some of that brain time is spent working on some non-dissertation obligation, I don't mind taking a less intense approach to the dissertation that day.

For tomorrow: Read or transcribe.


From Minxy:

Are you readying yourself for the upcoming semester? I can see where that would take a lot of your brain power for the day. Still, a third of what you usually do is still progress, and if I were in your place I probably wouldn't have gotten that much done (I have little focus through the holidays until later in January). Anyhoodle, YAY for getting some dissertation work done! :)

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