Sobriquet 50.3

I'm not a huge fan of winters in upstate New York. Traditionally, I have always been fonder of extreme cold than heat of any sort but, after having spent six years in this region, I have grown to really dislike the winter months. It's not the cold that I object to, actually. That's still something I like. No, it's this horrible cloud cover that tends to sit on New York's Southern Tier like vomit on a drunk's lapel. To put it succinctly, this region of the country is extremely gloomy in the winter because the clouds block out whatever little sunlight the shortened days would otherwise allow us to enjoy and I find it to be a real damper. In other words, it's not the best time to be working on something as isolating as a dissertation. Still, I have been doing my little bit every day and I am now actually a few days away from finishing the transcription of notes. I'm at page 125 or so now and, to be honest, I am ready to be done. The rest of the pre-writing process, I'm sure, will be equally frustrating because of the length of everything, but it is getting done. Finally.

For tomorrow, etc.: Read or transcribe.


From Minxy:

YAY for being almost done with transcription! I hope the chapter writing process goes more quickly for you. :)
Anonymous said…
Now I don't feel so bad for hating the winter in this area as well. For the same reason of course.

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