Sobriquet 50.2

I just really didn't feel like doing anything today. This, of course, is a fairly pedestrian sensation for me, especially as work on the Disgrace chapter enters it's ninth month. I mean, I really think it's about time this baby is born, you know? At any rate, I slogged through the lethargy and used the evening to reread/take notes on a bit more of the novel. And, truth be told, it was a pleasant enough evening. I took my book over to Friendly's, transported myself to Lucy Lurie's smallholding for an hour or two, and left off feeling that I'd made some real intellectual progress. At least the amount of marginalia I scrawled seems to suggest as much.

For tomorrow, etc.: Read or transcribe.


From Minxy:

I did not realize that it's been so long for you working on this chapter. However, it's been months of progress rather than stagnation (even though it may feel that way sometimes). Every day you get a little bit closer to finishing, and that's pretty awesome. I know I couldn't do it...I don't have the mental fortitude. You're doing a good job, my friend. :)

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