Sobriquet 50.8

So, I'm still working on reviewing my notes from the criticism I spent half a year reading. As has been the case with every part of the Disgrace chapter, this has taken me several times longer than I had anticipated to get through. I should finish within the next week or so, leaving me with the still daunting task of attempting to arrange all this stuff into a readable chapter on the novel. I have to admit that, at times, this chapter feels so big that it almost seems un-startable. I say almost because, fuck it all, I'm gonna get this damn thing done. I am still debating with myself over how I am going to proceed with the outlining phase, whether I will need to re-organize the re-read notes into more user-friendly thematic bites or if I am going to outline the chapter first, then arrange the notes. Although I initially thought I would arrange the notes first, I am leaning towards the latter approach because it will enable me to foreground my own logic in the structuring of the chapter. Then, as I re-arrange the notes, the writing process will, essentially, be underway. I will have, after all, started saying what's been pent up for so long.

Soundtrack for the past week: Big Black's Songs About Fucking.

For the next little while: Keep reading over the notes and working on the bibliography.


From Minxy:

I agree that outlining the chapter, then arranging your notes accordingly is the better approach. It makes more sense to have an idea of how you want the chapter to flow before you put the notes in order. Doing the notes first could result in needing to rearrange them, which is more work. :)

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