Sobriquet 51.19

One of the things I promised myself when I started my dissertation a bit over a year ago was that I would do my best to prevent my academic life from interfering with my social life. Of course, I also promised myself that I would not allow my social life to impede my progress on my dissertation. This weekend, I had the pleasure of receiving guests into my home, guests that had travelled several hundred miles to visit me. Therefore, though I would have liked to have written a few more pages on Disgrace over the weekend, I decided not to write. Instead, I continued reading Elizabeth Costello, which I should finish very shortly. Now, of course, I do feel a bit more distanced from my writing than I would like, but I reckon the "break" will do me good.

For tomorrow: Either finish Elizabeth Costello, read some criticism, plan a bit for my next chunk of writing, or, if I somehow have it in me, write some more.


From Minxy:

Breaks ARE good for you! In fact, they're so good, everyone should take lots of them. Of course this is coming from a gal who would like nothing more than to not go to work today, so my opinion on breaks may be a bit biased. I'm glad you're enjoying your down time. :)

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