Sobriquet 52.13

I often operate under the perversity principle when writing my dissertation: I write when I don't feel like writing. The logic, of course, is that I rarely want to write it, so I simply have to write on the days I have no desire to do so. It's like dieting, really. You never actually want to diet -- you do it because you want the result.

At any rate, today was one of the days when I might have been better off not writing. Admittedly, I got through a few pages and they're not awful, I don't think, but something felt odd about them. I suspect it may be because I didn't start writing until a relatively late hour, that fatigue altered the way I perceived what I typed. We'll have to see.

For tomorrow: Read or write. Since I have a bunch of non-dissertation stuff I need to take care of, writing mightn't be the easiest thing to fit into my schedule, but, ultimately, I would rather get a bit more of the Disgrace chapter behind me than not.


From Minxy:

Sometimes I make myself knit when I don't want when I'm in a really bad mood and don't feel like doing anything. Making myself do some can make me feel better sometimes. I suspect it's the same principle in your case. :)

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