Sobriquet 52.9

Although I spent most of my day running around doing chores and other non-dissertation stuff, I did get a few hours of writing in this evening. Today was actually one of those days when I really, really had to get some substantial work done. As is the case with any similarly large-scale project with a protracted timeline, one needs to work consistently and, in doing so, build a sense of momentum that will propel him or her through the harder parts. When one stops for whatever reason, it becomes harder to start again. I think of it this way: A person has a wheelbarrow he has to push across a certain length of space. While he's pushing the load, the physics of the situation makes it easier to keep pushing it, but when he stops, he must exert more energy to lift it and push it enough to build up the momentum he'd had earlier. Furthermore, in this little scenario, there's a provision that whenever our hero gets tired or distracted, he may rest but, for each rest day, he must add another stone to the barrowload. Thus, the longer he rests, the more difficult it is for him to start up again.

Today was one of those days when, having been away from the pushing of the barrow, I knew that if I stayed away from writing any longer, it would be extremely difficult for me to begin again. So, that was the main reason I wrote today. I just could not add another stone to the pile.

For tomorrow: Read or write.


From Minxy:

Yay for getting back on track with your writing. I need to get back on track with my knitting, but I kinda wanna quit that because everything I've done lately has been so full of fail that I wonder why I even bother. But that's neither here nor there. This is about writing and I'm glad you were able to pick up your wheel barrow again and get it going. :)

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