Sobriquet 52.3

Since my Tuesdays are pretty packed this semester, I did not expect to get a whole lot of work on my dissertation done today. The lingering effects of whatever variety of head cold I seem to have contracted, when combined with a lack of sleep (owing, in large part, to the irregular chirruping of a weird beeping sound located somewhere outside my window. Seriously, you would have thought Sputnik had landed or something. It was weird.) and a long day of work made for a very groggy evening. So, rather than try to force a bit of writing out of my yawning self, I decided to transcribe some of the material I'd collected for the Elizabeth Costello chapter. Not the most exciting evening, to be sure, but productive nonetheless.

For tomorrow: Preferably add a bit more to the Disgrace chapter. Alternately, read some criticism on Elizabeth Costello or continue transcribing notes.


From Minxy:

Sputnik? [Here]? Duuuuude. On a more serious note, it's important to have days where you don't push too hard, especially while in the midst of a head cold. I had my head cold on an extremely busy work week and did not rest enough, which I believe significantly lengthened my convalescence. Take care of yourself, my friend. :)

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