Sobriquet 52.23

I finally finished the section I'd been struggling to get through, so I am probably going to take a short break from writing the Disgrace chapter to review the material I will be drawing upon for the next section. This chapter is already longer than the one I wrote on Age of Iron last winter and will probably be considerably bulkier than the behemoth I wrote on The Master of Petersburg last spring, so this break in writing will allow me to recuperate some of the energy I have expended in writing what is, length-wise, already a chapter-sized hunk of the dissertation. More importantly, though, taking a breather here will allow me to -- hopefully -- reacquaint myself with the material I plan to discuss. That, I imagine, will be the biggest benefit. The sheer size of this chapter means that I will be spending a long time writing and, the longer one writes, the greater the distance separating him or her from his or her source material. Recapturing that intimacy is, by far, the most important thing I can do at the moment.

For tomorrow: Read a bit of the novel and continue making notes and plans for the next section.


From Minxy:

Yay for getting through the section you wanted to get through!!! Once you get back to the writing, it should be a bit easier, since you indicated the recently finished section was probably going to be the hardest. YAY!!! :)

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