Sobriquet 52.16

I spent most of the day running chores and much of the evening grading papers, so I was only able to squeeze in a bit more rereading for the Disgrace chapter. Of course, I really enjoy the book and, since I actually have been finding passages I'd overlooked in previous readings, I am pretty satisfied with myself. Still, I do not especially like being away from the actual writing of the chapter for more than a day or two, so I am a bit antsy about it all, longing to get back in the proverbial saddle.

For tomorrow: Reread or plot out a bit of the chapter.


From Minxy:

In regards for your "for tomorrow" section: I would do some chapter plotting. I think it'll make you feel less antsy about being away from the writing part and you could totally use it to make yourself sound like a cartoon villain ("I'm plotting, I'M PLOTTING!!!!). Just're no villain. ;)

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