Sobriquet 53.16

One of the things that has been bothering me a bit lately has been an growing sense of anxiety focused on finishing the dissertation by a certain date I have, at least in my mind, always regarded as my ideal date of completion. This anxiety is compounded somewhat by the stress of writing a long chapter. As I have identified in a previous post, the deeper I find myself in a given chapter, the more I worry about whether or not it will be up to snuff and that worry grows stronger with each page tacked on, making it that much more difficult to proceed. Additionally, I find, certain external factors (i.e. non-dissertation) in my life at the moment have had an unpleasantly adverse effect on the amount of time I have been able to devote to writing on some days.

For these three reasons -- and because I need to wait for a book to arrive -- I have been focusing a bit on some background reading, using the time to recuperate some of the energy I'll need to make the next push in writing the Disgrace chapter. And, so far, I think it's helping. I mean, I've gleaned some really useful information from a few sources. Still, I am eager to return to the actual writing of the chapter

For tomorrow: Read/research.


From Minxy:

Your chapter is good; I know it is. They always are. The quality of the chapter does not necessarily diminish as its length just happens that there is a lot to say about this particular book. Worry not, my friend. :)

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