Sobriquet 53.19

Well, I have about two more pages to read before bed and then I will feel fairly comfortable saying I have finally finished the ridiculous amount of preparatory work I decided I needed to complete before finishing up the section of the dissertation I am currently writing. At the root of this whole week-long jaunt is my sense of obligation. Among the people I know writing their dissertations at various institutions around the world, quite a few have alluded to the fact that, a my dissertation is not a book, the writer really need not do as much research as I have been doing, which I find rather difficult to accept. I mean, isn't a dissertation supposed to demonstrate one's expertise, supposed to distinguish a scholar as an expert in his or her field? Perhaps this is just another instance of an idealist working in a cynically pragmatic environment but, hell, I want to at least be able to look at myself when this thing is done and say, "Nice job, Erik. You really couldn't have done a better job." I mean, really, if you're gonna spend years on something, it's going to be a massive part of your individual history, right? Might as well make it as satisfying a memory as possible, I reckon.

For tomorrow: Plan or write.


From Minxy:

Honestly, those people trying to dictate to you what you should or shouldn't be doing with your dissertation have an awful lot of nerve. You chose your approach for a reason that is your business, not theirs. If your goal was shabby work, I'm sure you'd be doing just that; but you want to do a good, thorough job. If your approach is yielding that result for you, then the naysayers can just suck it.

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