Sobriquet 53.9

Although I would have liked to have fit some writing into my schedule today, the reality is that my Tuesdays are simply too busy for me to find the time it takes for me to dissertate effectively. So, rather than frustrate myself by attempting to write, I decided to get a bit of reading done for the next chapter.

I ended up selecting the introductory essay to the American Anthropologist symposium devoted addressing several of the anthropological issues Coetzee raises in Elizabeth Costello. As one might expect of an introduction, the essay offers relatively little insight into the novel. Instead, it provides a thoughtful, accessible overview of the critical reception of Elizabeth Costello while also, predictably, making a case for the sort of interdisciplinary discourse it introduces.

For tomorrow: Read, write, or plan. Preferably write.

Work Cited

Mascia- Lees, Frances E. and Patricia Sharpe. "Introduction to 'Cruelty, Suffering, Imagination: The Lessons of J. M. Coetzee.'" American Anthropologist 108.1 (2006): 84-87.


From Minxy: chapter preparation. Your battle never ends, my friend...but yours is a valiant effort, I know. I hope you're able to write again soon. I was wondering, how much more do you feel you have to write for your current chapter?

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