Sobriquet 61.3

As I have mentioned a few times before, my Tuesdays and Thursdays tend to be exhausting. After all, I wake up before seven, drive forty-five minutes to one college, teach until one, drive another forty-five minutes to another school, teach until seven, and drive an hour or so until I get back home. Not surprisingly, I find it a bit difficult to fit a whole lot of dissertation work into these long, crammed days. Today was no exception, though I did manage to squeeze a little bit of reading and note-taking into the gaps in an otherwise jam-packed morning schedule.

While I only read a few pages of theoretical material this morning, I can already feel myself beginning to make the sort of connections I will need to pull together for this final bit of writing. Fortuitously, I even came across the perfect epigraph for one of my chapters.

Still, despite the overall positive nature of today's developments, I still find myself struggling to adjust to the rather unique mode of preparation the introduction requires, abandoning depth for breadth and situating a pre-existing study (my own) within a larger theoretical framework in such a way as to satisfy both the casual reader and the seasoned Coetzee scholar while neither losing the former nor boring the latter.

For tomorrow: Keep reading and taking notes.


minxy said…
Hold on to the positive energy of the day's work. If you can find the perfect epitaph, you can find the best way to present the introduction for your audience. :)

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