Sobriquet 61.4: Two Years In . . .

Today marks the last day of the second year I have been working on my dissertation, so, to mark the occasion, here's the third installment in my dissertation by the numbers series:

Blog posts: 513.

"Fans" in the Sobriquet Magazine Fan Club: 85.

Courses taught: 19.

Gray hairs sprouted: About six.

Computers used: Five.

Articles published: Four.

Chapters written: Four, including the afterword.

Trips to Vermont: Three.

Short stories published: Two.

Computer crashes: Two.

Punk rock concerts attended: One (The Queers. They kicked ass).

Dissertations written: Almost one.

Sense of accomplishment: Better than a year ago.

For tomorrow: Research or read In the Heart of the Country.


minxy said…
I really enjoy your dissertation summary lists. I can't believe you've taught 19 courses, though I forget the whole 2 semesters in a year thing and didn't you have a few summer courses thrown in there? Wow, you've been a very busy scholar, my friend. You're doing a good job. :)

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