Sobriquet 61.8

After a string of frustratingly unproductive days, I had a fairly successful day today. I spent the afternoon and early evening traveling by train and bus, which gave me several uninterrupted hours of prime reading time to work my way through some of the philosophical readings I will be using for my introduction. I still have quite a long way to go before I feel confident in my preparation, but I am much, much farther along today than I was yesterday, and that's a good thing.

In dissertation-related news, I picked up a copy of Coetzee's Summertime, which looks wonderful. I look forward to reading it.

For tomorrow: Read.


minxy said…
I envy your ability to read while riding in vehicles. Motion sickness gets the best of me, otherwise I'd have much more knitting time. I'm glad you were able to use your travel time to your advantage. :)

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