Sobriquet 61.5

Today was the last day of the semester at both campuses I have been teaching at this term, so I find myself looking at a weekend of heavy grading and, following that, a few weeks of relatively empty days I will use to work on finishing my dissertation. There's quite a bit of (re-)reading and note-taking I'd like to get through before I begin writing the introduction, so I anticipate a pretty intense few weeks.

On a happy note, upon investigating a spike in traffic directed to this site, I came across Effacement of the Postcolonial Subject, a new blog devoted to its author's process of writing a master's thesis on J. M. Coetzee. The author seems to have found some inspiration in my blog project and has some very kind words to say about it. I wish my fellow Coetzee-blogger-scholar luck in what promises to be an exciting, challenging experience!

For tomorrow: Continue reading the theoretical material I checked out of the library today.


minxy said…
It is so awesome that you've inspired another scholar with your blog!!! I hope your fellow Coetzee-blogger-scholar has much luck, too.

P.S. YAY for some much-anticipated time off!! :)
Anonymous said…
Thanks. Best of luck to you as well in putting the final touches on you thesis!


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