Sobriquet 61.6

I have been having a really hard time concentrating over the past few days. I don't know if the accumulated fatigue of the past semester is to blame or what, but, man, I have been wrestling with myself something fierce. Still, I've read a hundred pages of a six-hundred page book, so I have made some progress, though at a considerably slower rate than I wanted. I suspect some of the problem stems from the fact that I really, really want to get a lot of work done -- to finish the dissertation, in fact -- before the next semester begins and have, essentially, gotten myself all worked up. I mean, for the first time I feel like I have a deadline to meet...

For tomorrow: Read.


minxy said…
I'd tell you not to pressure yourself so, but then you might feel pressure not to pressure yourself and the whole sentiment is moot. Maybe if you pretend you're reading for the sake of reading instead of reading for work it'll help you relax a little and take some of that pressure off of you. I would also propose a stiff drink, but I know that's totally not your style. :)

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