Sobriquet 39.19

Since I am heading out for the evening, I am going to post today's entry early. Of course, since I have been rereading a book I already mentioned, there's not a whole lot to say here anyway. Other than the fact that I have been keeping up with the tiny amount of work I've given myself, I have been thinking about ways to turn what I had intended to be a very brief section on The Master of Petersburg into a full-fledged chapter. I worry about the amount I feel I can effectively write about the novel (I have similar concerns regarding Elizabeth Costello), so this rereading is, in part, my way of reevaluating the text in the context of my re-conceived dissertation.

'Tis nerve-wracking.

For tomorrow: More of the same.


minxy said…
I hope you're able to make a whole chapter about these books of concern...though, I don't doubt you'll be able to based on the fact that you wrote much more about the first book than you thought you would. Your chapters will be fine, I know it. :)

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