Sobriquet 41.18

I'm still struggling a bit with the whole day-on/day-off schedule. Every "on" day tends to start like a Monday and end feeling like a Friday while each "off" day feels quite a bit like a Sunday. You know, the whole "I'm dreading tomorrow" feeling that comes over you on Sundays? Yeah, I get that, like, four days a week now.

On the other hand, I have been fairly productive. I actually wrote about four pages on Monday and I read about a fifth of Life & Times of Michael K. today in addition to writing another page or so. I mean, each "off" day, since it feels like a Sunday, tends to carry with it a certain sense of immediacy, as if I'd slacked off all day Friday and all day Saturday and simple haveta get work done.

I guess it has helped in that sense.

So, yeah. I got quite a bit done today, which was nice. I spent the majority of the day alternating between reading and dozing off before finally settling in to write a bit on The Master of Petersburg in the early evening. My logic was this: normally, I find it difficult to read anything after I expend energy on writing, but I can usually read before writing without much difficulty. That and the fact that I really didn't feel like writing.

The funny thing, though, is that I really, really got into Life & Times of Michael K. I got so into it, in fact, that I simply had to read more after I wrote for a few hours. Though I found the book a bit difficult to get into, I now classify it as an exemplary novel, the sort of book I would direct someone to if he or she wanted to know how to write a good book.

So it was a good day.

For tomorrow: Read another article.


From Minxy:

I'm so proud of you for doing so much dissertating the past few days. It's AWESOME!!! You're doing wonderfully, my friend! :)

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