Sobriquet 50.6

Although it took me a day longer than I'd hoped, I finished transcribing my notes on and quotes from Disgrace. What this means is that I have "only" to review the 170 pages of transcription (the critical material, of course, dwarfing the primary material), organize my notes in such a way as to make sense of the whole lot, outline the chapter, and begin writing. The unsettling thing is that, for the past half-year or so, the writing was a phase set in the distant future, so I really did not stress over the writing the way that I am beginning to do now.

For tomorrow, etc: Read over notes and quotes.


From Minxy:

Is it strange that I'm getting a little excited for you to start writing this chapter? 'Cause I am. I'm feeling all "YAY, Erik gets to write now!!! Woohoo!!!" I hope you don't think I'm Miss Psycho Pep Squad, but I'm really glad you're nearly ready to write this chapter because it's been so long preparing for it. YAY!
Maybe just a little weird :)
minxy said…
Well, at least you're honest.
I try, Minxy, I try... :)

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