Sobriquet 52.14

As I mentioned yesterday, I did not expect myself to get much dissertation work done today. In between running chores and getting some fresh air, though, I reread a bit more of Disgrace and thought a bit about the next little section I will be writing, so I made some progress. Annoyingly, I will be busy with even more chores over the next couple of days, so I mightn't get much more than reading done on the dissertation front.

For tomorrow: Read or, if I can somehow find the time, write.


From Minxy:

Chores suck. I should be doing some right now, but I'm choosing to be a lazy person and neglecting them in favor of much more entertaining things such as knitting and/or reading and/or watching tv. I should also go out and do something, as today seems like it would be a great day to be outside. I may or may not use that as a diversion from chores as well. :)

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