Sobriquet 62.10

I'm going to keep tonight's post very, very short and just say that, after a day of really struggling to focus on my reading, I finally managed to review a little bit of critical material before bed. I'm not too pleased with my progress but, having just spent a week working at a dramatically more intense level than that to which I have grown accostomed, I reckon my body and mind pulled a very natural, though admittedly frustrating, revolt. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

For tomorrow: Read...and try to read more than I read today.


minxy said…
I understand...I've not had enough sleep over the last week or so and my body finally said "ENOUGH!" and I had to leave work half an hour early because I'm just not with it. I'm sure this fact is evident by the unusually long sentence I just wrote. I think I just committed conjunction abuse. :)

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