Sobriquet 62.5

I transcribed about eighteen single-spaced pages of notes today, and it looks like I will have a couple more days of transcription ahead of me before I am through with the massive pile of notes and quotes I pored over on Wednesday and Thursday. As usual, everything seems to take me much longer than I would like it to take, which is frustrating. From some perspectives, I am probably making this project more difficult than I need to make it, but I really cannot imagine doing this in any other way than exactly the way I have been doing it all along -- which is to say, as comprehensively and exhaustively as I can. And I am making progress. Just not as quickly as I would like.

I also read and reviewed some material on Coetzee criticism, refreshing my memory in preparation for the introduction which is, despite my lamentations, not too far in the future.

For tomorrow: transcribe and/or read.


minxy said…
In my mind, I'm likening your dissertation process to the lace shawl I'm making: It started out somewhat small and moved relatively quickly. As it grew, I had to pay more attention to the details to make sure the new work matched up properly to what had already been produced. The larger the project got, the longer it took to produce a single row and it's taken me a long time to get just 2/3 of the shawl done (though that's partly because I lose patience with working for an hour and a half and only producing 2 rows, so I put it down until I feel like doing detail work again, but that's a different issue). Some processes are just slower than others. You keep doing what you're doing and you'll finish eventually and be satisfied in knowing that your thorough approach yielded a good finished product.

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