Sobriquet 62.11

Although it took me a while to settle into my reading this afternoon, I eventually made some progress. I'm still struggling to focus on my task, which I suspect owes as much to burnout as it does to the fact that, for all intents and purposes, I already know -- and in some cases have already read -- the material I am looking over. There's certainly a deep restlessness, an anticipatory eagerness that makes jumping the gun and just starting to write without having finished all my preparatory measures seem really appealling. I recognize the presence of this jumpiness and hope that I can, by writing about it here, channel my energy into more productive behavior. So, I will try to read a tiny bit more before bed tonight and, after running a few errands, try to pick up tomorrow where I leave off this evening.

For tomorrow: Read.


minxy said…
I would imagine it must be quite taxing reading the same materials repeatedly in preparation for writing, so I certainly understand the desire to jump ahead. I also believe it is a good thing that you are able to recognize this as you did, address it and decide to go with your original plan to prepare before writing. :)

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