Sobriquet 62.8

I finished transcribing the notes on and quotes from the philosophy I spent the better part of a month reading earlier this evening. All told, I typed fifty-three single-spaced pages over the past couple of days, so I am, needless to say, pretty tired of looking at my computer. Still, I want to look at this glowing rectangle a bit longer, so that I can at least make a brief entry tonight, if only to to acknowledge that, had it not been for my desire to complete the task I assigned myself here last night, I probably would not have finished tonight. So, yeah. Once again, my blog project has helped me work my way through a tough spot.

On a nice note, the frustration I have been feeling lately as a result of spending so much time transcribing stuff seems to have had at least one postive effect: I have turned to exercise as a means of stress reduction.

For tomorrow: Read and/or hunt down the remaining bit of critical literature I need to review.


minxy said…
YAY for stress reduction and no more transcription!!!! YAY!!!! Sorry...I'm very tired and can only channel a little bit of Miss Psycho Pep Squad. I am glad for you, though. :)

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